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I wrote a practical and comprehensive book on long-term financing that I would have LOVED to read years ago, during the earlier stages of my career in lending and investing. I wrote it with entrepreneurs and businesspeople within small to medium-sized enterprises in mind - to help them secure the most beneficial terms and conditions for their long-term financing transactions, and to save them and their company time and money.

Check it out on Amazon in Canada or the USA, or of your country. 

Independent Kirkus Reviews determined that "... the book is blissfully brief, mostly streamlining a complex topic and rendering it comprehensible. Overall, this authoritative book should be valuable financial reference for any business manager." For the full review, click here

See what some experts are saying about the book...

Kathrin Ohle has masterfully distilled the complex art of long-term financing into a practical, hands-on guide for business owners and managers.... Keep it on your desktop - it's a must-have for any serious entrepreneur.

Steve Parry, Managing Director, NGEN Partners & Board Chair and Founding Investor, Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp.

Too often books on finance are all theory, but this one is all practical knowledge from an experienced practitioner who has demystified the finance raising process.... Banks should buy this book and hand it out free to their customers so that they can produce better loan applications.

Peter Salisbury, former President and CEO, Macquarie North America Ltd.

This book addresses a significant gap in the corporate finance literature.... It should be required reading for every emerging-company CFO and CEO, and indeed students who hope to someday build their own companies.

Rod Lever, Cleantech Lead, Infrastructure and Financial Services Team, Export Development Canada

Having access to a long-term financing "how to" book of this quality and insight is invaluable.... It is also a practical framing tool when you are in the middle of a transaction.... It sits beside some of the best.


William (Bill) R. Tharp, CEO, Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp. & Climate Change Infrastructure Corporation

Smart and succinct, this is top-shelf reading for all professionals and non-professionals alike.... I will give it to my clients to expose them to key financial terminologies and processes.

Sherra Zulerons, CEO, Share-A-Watt Community Power Services Inc.

Managers who are new to the process of raising external capital should definitely read the relevant sections of this book before approaching the market.

Natalie Townsend, Managing Partner, NorthRock Capital

You don't just read The Decision-Maker's Guide to Long-Term Financing, you work with it! Keep it close to you and come back to these pages any and every time you need them!

Martin Pochtaruk, President, Heliene Inc.

Here are the links again to Amazon in Canada and the USA where you can order the book (available in Kindle and paperback versions). You live outside of North America? Check Amazon of your country!

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I know you will find this book helpful, as I wrote it exactly for that purpose. :-)

With much warmth,

Kathrin Ohle
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